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Dressed warmly in a wrap

A little manual: How you and your baby stay warm throughout the winter

Dressing your baby that is being carried in a wrap in winter is easier than you think! We did a little tutorial on what keeps your baby in a wrap or carrier warm enough to get through the cold winter months.

We suggest that you wear your baby underneath your own coat, this offers several benefits:

You will warm each other. And you don’t have to wake up your sleeping baby when you get back in from outside. You simply have to take off your coat and your baby can sleep on inside the wrap without being to warm and sweating wearing winter clothes of its own. When carrying your baby underneath your coat you don’t have to put him or her into many extra layers. The rule is: body parts, that are close to your body, don’t need an extra layer. Meaning: for its upper body your baby only needs the clothes he or she wears inside the apartment. Legs and feet however need an extra layer since they are not as close to your body. We suggest you put woolen gaiters on top of the pants and on top of that a pair of our baby boots or warm woolen socks. As long as your baby is little and relatively passive, he or she doesn’t need a scarf, only a warm cap. As soon as your baby is more mobile, stretching its neck to observe the surroundings, we recommend a hoodie-scarf or adding one of our Bandanas.

These two pictures show, what it can look like:

Baby inside

In the left-hand picture you can see, how we would dress our child inside the apartment: Pants with the Fold, a Onesie made out of wool and silk and (pictured in the second picture) the Sweater with the Fold made out of cashmere.

Baby outside

To go outside we put the Slim Pants on top of the Pants with the Fold. They are made out of chunky knit wool and nice and warm. To warm Baby’s feet they are put in our Baby Boots, of course warm socks would work as well. But make sure that the socks fit well, so you don’t lose them on the way. For very cold days we recommend adding a pair of our Gaiters on top of the Slim Pants, to keep Baby’s legs nice and warm.

How to conquer Fall and Winter together without being cold:

Tragen im Herbst und Winter
How to conquer Fall and Winter together without being cold

As you can see the Slim Pants fit perfectly: they are extra long, so the legs are covered, while ordinary pant legs tend to ride up, when the baby sits in the spread-squad-position.
Your child is now perfectly dressed. What keeps you both warm is a winter coat that is big enough, to zip up with you both inside. Mamas might want to wear their maternity jackets for one more season. Some manufacturers provide detachable panels that can be zipped into the zipper of your normal jacket.

The wonderful wrap by Fidella was given to us in the context of this tutorial. The model is called Chevron and you can find it here.

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