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Washing and maintenance instructions

To make sure your For Schur products keep you happy for a long time, we’ll explain how to care for and clean them.

Many people hesitate to buy woolen clothes, afraid of washing them the wrong way. No need for that! Clothes made out of wool and cashmere are actually very low-maintenance.

The fibers are covered by a natural grease film, so-called lanolin or wool fat. Lanolin nourishes your skin, when you wear woolen clothes and it also protects the woolen fibers from dirt and moisture. The fibers guide the moisture outwards instead of soaking it in as for example cotton does. Therefore it is usually sufficient to air out sweaty woolen clothes for a few hours. Displeasing odors evaporate and the garment smells like freshly washed.

Even bigger stains don’t need to cause worry, they are easy to remove. Learn how:

Brush out Coarse Dirt


Mud and food remnants can be pretreated with the Wunderbürste, often the stains can even be completely removed by it.

To begin with this treatment the stain has to be completely dried. Make yourself comfortable on a chair and put the garment on your thigh, the stain facing up. Now brush firmly until the stain is removed.

Those woolen knots, so-called pilling, can be gently removed this way, too.

Wash out Stains

Very tenacious stains, that don’t come off by brushing them out, can be treated with soap. We recommend “Bio Citrus Fleckenseife” by “Ulrich natürlich”. It is gentle with garment and environment and still very effective (and smells amazingly fresh like lemons).

Moisten the stain and the soap with lukewarm water and foam in the affected area. Then rub in the foam with your fingers and rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat until the stain is removed.

By the way: The Soap by “Ulrich natürlich” is very big and yielding. To have it fit perfectly into your hand, you can cut the piece of soap in half (we did so). This way it lasts even longer or you can share with a friend.

Washing Wool correctly

You can wash all of our products easily in your washing machine. But it is important to only use the wool setting and wool detergent.

Many people think, that wool does not tolerate high temperatures. You can’t say this in general. Wool fibers only shrink, when the temperature difference between the washing water and the rinsing water is too high. In a normal washing cycle a washing machine washes with warm and rinses with cold water – this is exactly what woolen garments don’t tolerate.

In the wool setting the washing machine washes and rinses with water in the same temperature. Also the spinning speed is lower, which is more gentle for the fibers.

Boil Wool? No Problem!

If your child is sick and you want to treat the garments anti-bacterially, you can even boil woolen clothes without them shrinking. Put your garment carefully into a pot with boiling water, put the lid on and let it boil for a few minutes. Don’t stir or move it too much. Then carefully remove the piece of clothes out of the water, put it in a towel and squeeze it gently. Let it dry horizontally afterwards.

Now and then Conditioner

As mentioned before Lanolin protects the woolen fibers from dirt and moisture. If, after a few washing cycles, you feel that this self-cleaning ability decreases, you can treat your woolen clothing with conditioner. For example with “Lanolin Wollspülung” by “Ulrich natürlich”.

All right?

We hope that this instruction took away any fears regarding washing wool. Because it is really easy! Wool is such an amazing, skin-friendly and low-maintenance fabric and with these tips and tricks you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

If you have any questions left or if anything is not clear to you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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