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A little Material Science

Primary material of all our products are knitted fabrics made out of 100% wool or cashmere. These fabrics are self-cleaning and therefore low-maintenance. Depending on the nature of each fiber, different fabric variations are suited especially well for different products:

Merino Wool is a high-quality wool. Its fibers are very delicate, so it is not scratchy and can be worn directly on the skin. Merino wool is often used for functional underwear, because it is able to regulate body temperature. We use merino wool for all of our Pants with the Fold and Shorts with the Fold, the Slim Pants, the Sweater with the Fold and the Tank Top with the Fold.

Cashmere comes from the cashmere sheep and is a very delicate and unbelievably soft natural fiber. Because of its fine structure it is very warm, but light at the same time. Therefore it is wonderfully comfortable to wear. We love to wear this nice fabric directly on our skin and therefore use it mainly to sew the Scarves with the Fold and the Bandanas, but also some Sweaters with the Fold.

Chunky Knit Wool is, in contrast to Merino Wool and Cashmere, firmer and as the name implies, chunkier. We love chunky knit wool for layers. The fabric is very warm, sturdy and high-quality. Perfect for the Slipover with the Fold and our Outdoor Pants.

Fulled Wool is a shrunk knit fabric made out of wool. The fibers are densed, so that the fabric is absolutely wind-proof and therefore ideal for outside and very cold temperatures. In our shop you’ll find the Outdoor Pants withe the Fold made out of fulled wool. We also use fulled wool for the soles of our Baby Boots and in a thinner quality for the gloves.

Casmere-Fleece is, just als fulled wool, a densed fabric. Fleece is not as dense as fulled wool and therefore a little less wind-proof. But it is, in spite of the Densification, very soft and perfectly suited for the delicate skin of very little Wool-children or for milder winter days. You will find some Slipover with the Fold, our Vests and also Outdoor Pants made out of Cashmere-Fleece.