For Schur – Onlineshop

Fair and sustainably produced Children’s Clothing

Practical, comfortable and timeless

One of a kinds manufactured from recycled New Wool-Sweaters


The Idea behind ForSchur

We are mothers to four kids in total and we love clothes made out of 100% wool. No other material is as soft and gentle to wear. Wool regulates body temperature, is low-maintenance because of its self-cleaning characteristics, its color doesn’t wash off and the kids are always well-dressed in wool.
It is well-known that the fashion industry is fast moving. With every new collection our wardrobes change and if something breaks, it is thrown away – not repaired. Even fabrics made according to ecologically and organic standards use valuable resources when produced. Therefore we exclusively use material that already exists, but has been rejected.
All of our products are made out of sweaters, that are not worn anymore; manufactured in our sewing room in Berlin. The only criteria: The Sweaters have to be made out of 100% wool or cashmere. Every piece we make is unique, the color palette is nearly endless but the pieces have something in common: they are special and will accompany you and your child for a long time.